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Hello you,

I’m not sure there is a correlation between The Guardian picking out your self-published novel, Gunshot Glitter, for a special mention and shiteness at blogging but both seem to be a fact this year!

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for failing to amuse you this year in the latter half, with witticisms from this here head. I honestly had such good intentions to do so, but since almost dying of anaphylactic shock on my birthday and a few other health scares that women dread (lump, underarm you can guess the rest) and needing physio for the left side of my body going all weird, being jerked around on the GG score by someone, it’s been a bit of a challenging year.

But I’m getting all good now on the inside. And next year if I have anything to do with it, the behemoth is going stellar. Watch out world that beam is going to be *BRIGHT*. Hurrah! I have a plan at least for 2014. A loose one mind you. There was a ton of good stuff in 2013 too. I did this thing were every time something cool happened or I had a great day, I wrote about it and put it in a jar on my microwave. Let me tell you that that jar is maxed out on the little but of paper score ๐Ÿ™‚

Bright moment, look at the lips!

Bright moment at God’s Own Junkyard, look at the lips! One day I will own that.

So TONS of beauty and once I’ve got the proofing of the first draft of my brand new novel, See Those Eyes, out the way (yes, you read that right, BRAND NEW) I am going to do a wee blog picking out some of the cool stuff properly, because it was lovely and I would like you to know about it, and in turn tell me what rocked for you as I’d really like to know.

I’ve got a deadline today to submit a copy for See Those Eyes for a printed proof so have to go in a sec – I’ll be telling you more about the coolness of the behemoth making The Guardian shortlist. Trust me that day is in the jar. But in the meantime, lots of love, thank you for reading, thank you for spreading the word about Gunshot Glitter, thank you for commenting and not spamming me with links to buying handbags from China, and most importantly of all, have an excellent New Year’s Eve aka last day of 2013, and make some great wishes when the bongs strike to let us all know that 2014 is upon us!

Hugs to my fine readers the world over, and if you’re a spammer, I’ll hug you too if you don’t spam me throughout 2014 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yasmin xx

p.s. One of my fave pix of myself taken this year in London during the Open House weekend, more on that in the next post, it was aces, you need to go next year.

Author of Gunshot Glitter next to pile of crap probably made by bankers. Ooh political.

Author of Gunshot Glitter next to pile of crap probably made by bankers, taken by Steve

People not from the UK, take heed, especially that German man who came up to me and Steve in Stuttgart and told us our country was going down the swanny, ย we may have a heap of crap in London, but look how tidy we are about it!