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Hello you,


I’m prepping for the Allergy Fair at Olympia like a mad thing BUT I have some news. If you are in London or can get to Highgate/Archway in London tomorrow evening,  I’m going to be doing a short reading & Q&A/interview  for Gunshot Glitter at Blue Monday, a regular, Monday night event run by musicians MIRI and Lydia Nicolaides Rosered and the Butterflies).  I will be on at 8.15pm.



Both women have had their music used in films and MIRI has also acted. They champion a night that promotes music from the LGBT community but everyone is welcome to attend. I’ve gone along several times in the past to the  Boogaloo and always had a good time. So come if you can make it, I’m going to be hanging around for the rest of the evening. Oh and the event is FREE 🙂

Lydia has been a HUGE supporter of Gunshot Glitter and helped me format the cover for the print edition. She also designs websites and runs her own PR agency, Online PR Pixies; if you’re wondering why it’s called that, come in and meet her!


Lydia Nicolaides

Ten years ago we used to drive past The Boogaloo on our way to Stoke Newington and the name of the place always made me chuckle, it’s incredibly sweet that I’m actually going to be sat behind a mic talking about the behemoth to a fabulous audience in about 36 hours.

Come 🙂

Right, I need to:

1.Get in the bath

2. Get dressed

3. Eat a minute amount of food, anyone who goes to the Allergy Fair knows why you only eat a minute of food

4. Grab Steven’s hand.

5. Then get our sweet hineys in gear.

Have a good one!

Love Yasmin  ❤ xx


P.S. The Boogaloo is on 312 Archway Road, London, N6 5AT

Highgate is the nearest tube and it’s near some really interesting shops and Jacksons Lane theatre. It’s a fab bit of London. Me and Trevor managed to park close by there several years ago, so you never know if you fancy trying your luck driving in 😉

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