I honestly could not have put it better myself. And believe me I thought about writing a post too. That election result horrified me yesterday. I stayed awake until 6am watching history being made, engaging with people on Twitter and Facebook, who were as perplexed, confused and as bewildered as I was, for all the reasons this articulate post describes. I know for a fact a few of my friends voted Tory. In a democracy you have to accept that people will have their own ideological beliefs. But this incarnation of the Conservative party is NASTY, and, I am seriously scared of what will unfold in the next five years, unless something occurs to temper them. If things continue sans divine intervention I hope they finally rediscover some humanity. The one thing I would like to add though, is we are MANY… don’t ever forget that… Xx

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To everyone who voted conservative yesterday,

I hope you’re happy. Actually that’s a lie, I really don’t. But before you sit smugly down and give yourself a big pat on the back I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Do you think you haven’t benefitted from the system you are currently trying to break down? As a child, did you ever go to hospital? Have you had an education? Did you ever use a library? Have you ever been on a bus? If so, you have benefited from a system which subsidises facilities with taxes. And now you have, you are willing to take it away from everyone after you. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t seem very fair. You cannot have socialism and a support system when you need it but then be unwilling to support it for other people.

Now if you are someone who…

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