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The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) would be as aghast as you and I

Hi there,

I’ve no idea how the rest of the world has reported it, but if you’re in the UK, unless you’re a hermit with no connection to the media or an entertainment unit, you will have heard about the horrific murder of a British soldier at the hands of two Islamic extremists in Woolwich yesterday. I’ve only seen one newspaper headline so far, The Guardian’s and I am so disappointed at how sensationalist it is. I don’t want to look at any others.

This is bad, bad news on so many scary levels. To the extent it compelled me to write an open letter to the Metropolitan police this morning. I’ve never really discussed religion on my blog. But I do believe in God and I was raised in a Muslim household; as an adult in my twenties I also elected to complete a Alpha course out of curiousity, read up on Buddhism, learned about the Bahai’s and in the last month have prayed in a Gurdwara, Mosque, Church and Hindu temple. In fact I prayed in a church in Soho at midday yesterday after meeting a friend. I’m a thiest. I tried to go to a Synagogue and Kingdom Hall recently but they were shut.  But my family are Muslim and I have many Muslim friends. I am horrified, scared, freaked out and intimidated at what those two men did. And the ramifications that could ensue if the police don’t take a hard line with any hate crimes. I wanted to share what I wrote with you.  

If you wish to, please can you share this post? There is going to be a lot of crap said about Muslims –  and Muslims need decent people who know better to help readdress that.  I asked the police to just use my first name as I am worried about idiots out there and I didn’t write the below for personal publicity. But I am happy to be associated with this post on my own blog, this is my corner of the world.  I hope people see sense and don’t tar all with the same brush, I really do.

 Yasmin xx

p.s. Thank you so much for all the TLC you showed me on reading my last post, I was so touched.  I’m still awaiting an allergy test and getting back to normal, I have an epipen now, but will be WAY happier when I understand what caused it. For now prawns and peanuts are off the menu.. x


TO: Metropolitan Police

 “I’m going to apologise in advance for the fact I’ve got no evidence to give you in regards to the horrific attack that happened in Woolwich yesterday. I’m just writing to express my very real fear of retribution attacks against black and Asian Muslims that are now likely to take place because of it.As a Muslim-born Londoner I am appalled at what happened to that soldier. My heart breaks for him and it leaves me livid that what was done to him was done in the name of Islam. Those men were not fit to speak God’s name let alone do that in the name of Allah. Islam isn’t about violence; in Islam, Muslims believe God is the only one who can pass judgement for your sins (Day of Judgement), not man. So fatwas, honour killings, it’s all rubbish and not Islam.  But my fear is that these extremist idiots are giving people who have no Muslim friends in their community to give them a real context, the belief that this is what mainstream Islam is about.99% of Muslims are just ordinary people like me and you, getting on with their lives and share the same moral values of right/wrong as any decent person in the UK. They worry about the gas bill, if their kids are doing okay in school, how their team is doing in football and when the summer is really going to start. They’re not celebrating what happened, they’re now utterly terrified that racists or the far right are going to use this as an excuse to beat up women in hijabs or Asian men. That racists or right-wing parties are going to try and make hate crimes against Muslims acceptable and normal.

PLEASE don’t tolerate it, you need to come down hard and make a very public statement fast. Muslims are going to need the protection of the police more than ever. I don’t look or dress like an orthodox practising Muslim (in reality I am a thiest, I just believe in God and I actively pray in all religious buildings) but my family do, many of my friends do and frankly I am terrified for them, and I am scared for me.

I don’t mind if you use this in press and  media, in fact I want you to.  Just please just use my first name.

It’s not enough to have statements from the Muslim Council people need to hear something from a real person. I just want a balanced civilian view put out there to counter the vile words I’ve seen uttered on social media, from a real, ordinary person.  My friends are an ethnic melting pot and completely sympathise with the worrying potential  ramifications of yesterday’s events.

This was my Facebook status update yesterday: God, just heard about the horrific murder of the soldier in Woolwich. I’m sickened, no decent Muslim in a million years would ever, EVER approve of what these vile excuses for men did. This is not Islam. They’re going to hell. This is a bad, bad day for Muslims everywhere who are going to be associated with this crime, and my heart breaks for that innocent young man. I am so pissed and angry : ( ” 

Muslims deserve a balanced view from a real Londoner who loves her city, who was born here, grew up here, is trying to make a decent honest living and more than anything wants extremist violence committed in and soiling the name of Islam to stop.

Thank you for all the hard work you do

Yasmin Selena Butt x”

(Note: Since writing this piece on Thursday morning, I’ve learned the soldier’s name was Lee Rigby, he had a two year old son.  I know I had nothing to do with this, but I am so sorry)