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Hello you,

The behemoth is in print! The  behemoth is in print! And you can now buy it. The behemoth in case you’re wondering  is my nickname for the print edition of Gunshot Glitter, all 428 beautiful pages of it.

And it’s not just in print. It can also be bought as an eBook from Amazon AND as of today from Kobo and Smashwords too. Pricing is pretty uniform at £3.99/$6.99 and you get a LOT of book for that!

Gunshot Glitter is a novel that turns the crime genre on its head.  I am intensely proud of it. Don’t take my word for it, of course I’ll say nice things about it, read the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Smashwords are currently clearing Gunshot Glitter for the Premium catalogue as I type – which means it will also be available on Barnes & Noble in the USA and the Apple store.  So you fans of fiction and geeky gadgets are in for a treat. You can read the opener here and a hefty sample here on Smashwords

But the PRINT is my gift to you on my 40th birthday, yes, I turn 40 tomorrow on May 4th! Shit, how did that happen?!

I’m celebrating at the Wam Bam Club in London and with friends at Tuk Cho in Ealing. I’m taking copies with me too. But back to the book, look at it, it’s gorgeous!!


That’s Celene Petrulak’s artwork that is.  And the hard work of Lydia Nicolaides that made that cover happen.

You can buy a copy for £9.99 plus P+P directly from me. This is a LIMITED EDITION print with extra content, which doesn’t feature in the Kindle version, plus it is signed and numbered. There will ONLY ever be this single run of this edition. Future editions will be print on demand and sold online, but not pass through my fair hands.  So go for it and enjoy. I will post it to anywhere in the world, as long as you possess a letterbox you can buy it.

Right, cut to the chase, I want to buy a print copy of Gunshot Glitter would do I need to do?

 If you live abroad: Email me at GunshotGlitter2012@yahoo.co.uk because prices for carriage will vary.  Tell me where you are and how many copies you would like. I will get back to you with postage options. Or please wait for the print on demand edition.

If you live in the UK: Each copy is £9.99 + £2.60 (2nd class) £3 (1st class) You can pay me via Paypal or cheque or online bank transfer.

Write to me at  GunshotGlitter2012@yahoo.co.uk and tell me how you’d like to pay, how many copies you’d like and where you are and I’ll get back to you with an invoice : ) Note the following deets:

  •  I am in the process of setting up an official website with a shopping basket, watch this space!I’ll be announcing that in News in the next few weeks.
  • Once your payment has cleared and the May Bank Holiday is over I will start posting copies out, you will get a dispatch email from me, to let you know your copy of Gunshot Glitter is on its way to you.
  • If you buy up to 3 copies, postage is a flat rate carriage fee of £3.99 in the UK as I can use Collect+ to deliver copies to you, saving you up to £5 on Royal Mail’s charges!  (In fact for £4.99 carriage I can send you up to 8 copies!)  They will make great gifts.  Plus, I will email you or a friend of your choice an electronic copy for free
  • In fact, for the whole month of May and in honour of my birthday, I am happy to send you or a curious reader friend a free electronic copy, if you buy two print copies of Gunshot Glitter.
  • Please allow up to seven days to get your book once you’ve paid for it. Abroad, it will take longer, but believe me, no one wants you to be holding a copy of Gunshot Glitter in your hands more than me!

If you’re feeling kind, can I ask you to spread the word?  Tweet this post or share it on your Facebook or Google + account. Get frisky with the buttons below and make that your birthday gift to me. If you are a blogger or critic contact me for a review or feature.  And most of all have yourself a very wonderful weekend : )

Thank you for your support!

Yasmin Selena Butt x x

p.s. If you live in Lincoln, you can buy Gunshot Glitter off a bookshelf at Joff Gainey’s BookStop Cafe, which also opens on May 4th! Details here. Happy days!