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Thanks to Rebecca Bradley for highlighting this *excellent* post from Sgt Gary Watts. I swear, such has been the intensity of The Era of Hermitude, that I’ve somehow evaded Psy and his crazy song right until watching the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops!!

Seriously, hadn’t a CLUE! But these dudes knew the score and Sgt Gary Watts roped his colleagues into producing  this video to make good on a Twitter bet and raise some cash for a wee boy, Joshua Wilson.

Happy New Year to you and if you’re feeling the Gangnam vibe, you know what to do. I’ll put you in the capable hands of the fellas in the dashing uniforms of Falmouth : )  Now make busy like butterflies and bees and spread the word  . . .
Yasmin Selena x x

Constable Chaos - UK Police Blog

So here’s the story from A to Zee …. Sgt Gary Watts of the Devon & Cornwall Police said if he got 5,000 followers on Twitter he would do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance on YouTube.

Or did one of his colleagues stitch him up good and proper, and simply tell everyone else that’s what he said ???

The story from the ‘horses mouth’ about events leading up to the making of the video can be read here –> http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/ABOUTUS/BLOGS/Pages/voiceofanofficer.aspx?post=7112553400058575462

Either way, the Twitterati responded in their droves …. and @SgtGaryWatts soon went over the magic 5,000 followers mark …. so he had no choice, did he ??? Smile Smile

Add into the mixture a very good cause which is supported by many of the active Police Tweeters, #JoshuasJourney (@journeyjoshuas on Twitter) – a fund to help 12 yr old Joshua Wilson, who was diagnosed with his first brain tumour in 2004…

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