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Thank you Celene Petrulak

Isn’t it beautiful?

Celene Petrulak  is an amazing artist. Visit her site here 

She’s in the middle of a cross-country house  move at the moment, but once she is settled I look forward to interviewing her on my site.  I think she did a fantastic job.  If you read my update blog a few weeks back you will have seen this:

“Your name is Celine Silver. But no one has called you that in eight years.
You’re a classically trained musician and an Honours graduate.
You come from a nice, middle-class family.
You kill people for money.
And no one knows you anymore.
Fate throws the man you abandoned right back into your path – the man who knew you before you got blood on your hands, before you changed your name.

And he’s demanding answers. 
But is there a way back to the path of normal?

What price do you have to pay when you realise you no longer want to be monster? 
And who are the real monsters and victims anyway?”

You are looking at Celine Silver

This time next week you should be able to buy an eBook  of  Gunshot Glitter from Amazon, worldwide.

In fact, I am hoping to formally launch it out to the world on Friday 24th August 2012 , though the cunning among you will probably be able to spot it on sale a day or so sooner! If you do, what are you waiting for?  Buy it with my blessing, read it and enjoy it and leave a review, hit the like button, spread the word. Or read the sample chapter preview. I will be previewing the opening chapter on the day of release on this site.

Writer and Sunday Times Best-seller,  Lisa Jewell, very kindly read Gunshot Glitter earlier this summer and loved it enough to support it with a cover quote, which was very flattering. Thank you  again Lisa.  Support like this counts for so much when you don’t have a publishing team behind you. I am my own publishing team, marketing team, distributor, layout team etc etc.   Any support you can offer me to promote or support Gunshot Glitter would be amazing.

Gunshot Glitter: the plan

The plan is to launch it with Amazon and then roll it out to all those other wonderful sellers in due course, such as Waterstones, Kobo, Barnes and Noble. They each have their own unique requirements for example Kobo requires all eBooks to have an ISBN.

And there will also be printed copies of Gunshot Glitter available to order directly from a website.  I think I might have found a printer in London.  If you would like to reserve a first edition  printed copy send me an email at: GunshotGlitter2012@yahoo.co.uk

I am pleased that there has already been some interest in printed copies. So do get in touch. I plan to sell them for £9.99; that colour cover is going to look amazing in print.

Okay, I am going to dive in the bath. There have been a LOT of 18 hour days in the Castle getting Gunshot Glitter ready for you all, but just look at her, I think she’s worth it, don’t you?

Thank you for all your support, it means everything to me

Yasmin Selena Butt x x

p.s. This week, I am writing guest posts on two great sites – Rebecca Bradley‘s wonderful Crime blog (Wednesday) and Sapphire Star’s Nicky Wells’ Romance That Rocks Your World  (Thursday) – keep an eye out for them … x