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Hello you,

I saw this on my Facebook this morning, from the wonderful Lydia Nicolaides who is a very talented musician, singer-songwriter (Rosered The Butterflies) and web-designer, social media butterfly and all round good Scorpio Pixie with a big heart which belies her tiny size.

So do I

It was a cartoon that she shared. And it was kind of timely, as I’ve been thinking about hugs a lot lately.  I’m a huge believer in the power of hugs. They have the power to transcend us when words just won’t do, they’re medicinal when you are ill, healing when you need strength and a very under-rated form of foreplay when you are itching to feel close to someone special and just don’t know where to start. (Though, read the situation carefully with the latter!!)

And sometimes, it’s just a loving, generous act to a single soul or the Universe or in the case of my friend,  Pete, to a tree : )  It’s true, he does it and I’ve done it, because he’s done it and I wanted to see what it was like.  It was oddly grounding for the record!  He’s right.

Does it make him a bit of a hippy? Yep, but he’s silver fox, that looks more like a cool, surfer dude than a lentil-chomping, Jesus-haired man in sandals. And he’s got magic hands. It’s what you wear on the inside. There’s a lot to be said for ‘spreading the love.’

Pete gives amazing hugs, so do my friends James, Steve and Tamara. And Vicky Crump who is a Reiki healer, who helped me through a really tough time recently. In fact, Vicky is so cool she offers Reiki for free via distance healing to everyone.  Weird but true fact, I feel it in the fillings of my teeth.

What makes a hug special ? For me, it’s really going for it, putting your heart and soul into it and imbuing it with love, just pure love and generosity of soul, no ulterior motive.

You’re filled with potential all the time to transform everything and anything, in you and around you.  Often the only thing that stops you is fear or doubt or worry it won’t happen or work out.  Trust me I wake up with that a lot sometimes, especially with my novel, Gunshot Glitter.  The closer I get to D-Day the more scared I am.  And so the more I need hugs. Lots of them.

I find hugs reassuring.  I once thought how nice it would be to have a giant teddy bear whose lap you could sit in, and whose arms would just cuddle you for as long as you wanted. How nice would that be?  I’d settle for the Honey Monster at a push

So give it up for hugs.  Hugs are **amazing**. You are amazing or you could be amazing if you dare try and find out.

Make someone feel better today, give out some love, cheer someone up, start healing a situation if you’ve been a twat, offer up your arms.

Give someone a hug

And really mean it! Really go for it.   None of that namby-pamby-stiff-upper-lip half a hug crap.

Have a wonderful weekend and this is my hug to you for reading my blog.


Yasmin Selena Butt x xx

p.s. Wow, I had no idea I had so much to say about this! And I leave you with this news story about a very special lady.  But the beautiful thing is, it’s what Amma does that makes her special. Kind of gives the rest of us hope, doesn’t it?

p.s. I lied about the title of this blog didn’t it I ? Oops..x