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Hi folks : )

Tiny heads up there’s a new page on the blog featuring colourful, colourful images

'Joy' a piece I created when I was not laid up ill!

I’ve not left the castle in 6 DAYS as I’ve been ill ( chest bug, sinus lergy thing) and my voice is not in a good place. I think I might concede defeat and see the doctor tomorrow if I’ve got some vavavoom. I’ve been doing a sinus rinse ( weird and strangely addictive!), taking meds, hot baths but I am knackered! Not enough good sleep. My head hurts when I cough. I really thought I could best it. Evidently not.

I’ve also missed my writing class three weeks in a row, seeing two friends who live abroad and other fun stuff 😦

But on the plus side, I did finally tackle the Yasmin Selena and Art page. My head was kind enough to clear sufficiently to allow me to string some sentences together. So that is progress. I enjoyed sharing that side of me with you. I hope you enjoy the experience too.  And I’ve updated the Useful Links – Click Me! page as well as the New Year’s Eve blog post in light of Rose McClelland’s exciting news.

And this post of which I am very proud has had a tiny edit/re-write but well deserved visual over-haul. I was nervous when I wrote it. If you know someone who might benefit, please do share it with them. The amount of times I have thought of deleting it through fear, of judgement  but am so glad I haven’t... Depression: Give It a Kiss on the Cheek

And I’ve read a few books which is something I’ve not had the time to do in ages.  An odd mix of Chick Lit (Talli Roland – Build a Man – not as lightweight as I expected from the title, actually quite upsetting in places!), Horror (Let The Right One In), Autobiography (Russell Brand’s Booky Wook 2) and an interesting, sleazy self-published debut thriller (Joe Cafe by JD Mader)

‘Let The Right One In’ blew me away! It got better as it went along. Much darker and more gruesome than the movie adaptations. I read the goriest bits out loud to my best friend with a lot of glee as I was so impressed!

And I felt sad reading the gently optimistic ending and love brewing in Russell Brand’s soul at the end of My Booky Wook 2, knowing he’s now divorcing Katy Perry and they didn’t make it.

I’m fond of that man’s wit and honesty and his crazy pipe-cleaner legs. I love Brand’s under-rated vocabulary too. I actually circled the words I didn’t understand and I’m going to look them up in the dictionary later!

Right I’m going to fix me a hot brew and play some Kate Bush.  All I can say is  STEER CLEAR of kids with crusty noses however cute they are. They will be the death of you!

Cute but deadly

Enjoy the new page and take care. More words soon…

Yasmin x x