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Hello everyone, *sorry* for the radio silence! I have been sorting myself out, well and truly, taken a bit longer than I hoped but finally feel I am getting somewhere!  Gunshot Glitter is  now very much back on. The cover is looking amazing and I’ve been buoyed by the love of my friends and – the fact my brother won’t lend me his DVD of ‘Coraline’ until the tome is in the bag!!

I have a proper blog post half-written, which I really hope you’ll enjoy when it’s out there, should be with you before the weekend is over. There, I’ve committed myself!  But in the meantime I’m going to leave you with a Christmas poem inspired by my love for my Jonathan Ward’s Gypsy candle ( a treat to self for nailing my first contract in 30months!!) and the idea that love can be beautiful, full-stop when it is good.  I am feeling a lot more positive about the future. I know 2012 will be different.

I was very chuffed as I entered this in a FB competition today and it won, to get me through to a draw to win a 6 month supply of hand-poured, artisan offerings. So keep your fingers crossed for me okay?  I hope you like it too and that life is being sweet to you.. x x


Candle-light, candle bright
First flame I’ll see tonight
Through our window
As I come home
Vermilion red you burn alone
Jonathan Ward’s Russian Gypsy
Patchouli, Jasmine, Roses true
A heaven scent that belongs to you

You were my Christmas wish
My delicious dish
Olfactorial fixation
A Christmas seduction
You wash over me
You make my senses soar
When I take off my coat
As I walk through the door
And then forget everything out there
Once upon a time more…