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 It was a dark and quiet night… and Glenda the troll was at home. She looked at the calendar and sighed. It was 31st October. Halloween. It was bloody Halloween again! All her friends loved this day. It was their equivalent of Christmas. They knew up and down the land, children would be Trick or Treating and fancy dress parties would be held with guests dressed up as fantastical characters. Cinemas would show re-runs of Halloween movies and patrons would shiver with delight as they watched a young Jamie Lee Curtis’s face fill the screen and utter scream after piercing scream.

It would be the same old, same old. Glenda scratched her hairy chin and picked a chunk of rabbit out from between her teeth and agonised as to what to do. She was fifteen and already jaded! Her dad, Horace and her mum, Mabel worried about her. She didn’t mix so well with the other trolls.

They weren’t refined enough for her. Glenda was quite thoughtful as trolls went. She didn’t engage in drinking games and nothing revolted her more than the idea of jumping out from under Hayes bridge and threatening passing goats as they tried to make their way across. It wasn’t fun being mean. Glenda simply wasn’t born to be a troll. The diet of meat gave her constipation and the boys in her school were too rough, gruff and brusque.

Glenda sighed and sat up on her bed. ‘ That’s it,’ she said aloud, ‘I’m going for a walk.’ She shuffled downstairs and called out to Horace and Mabel: ‘ I’m just going out to get some fresh air!’

‘Won’t Angie and Betty be round soon?’ Mabel yelled from the kitchen. But Glenda had already gone.

She laced up her giant shoes and wandered out of the burrow until she was looking up at the main road. Their world was a complex network of tunnels leading to secret places.  But enough! Tonight, she would please herself!

Glenda sauntered up to the main road and looked about warily. The Moon was full and everything looked very bright. She walked down the road and saw a long row of houses.  A car passed her by making her jump. The she saw the children and was instantly struck with shyness. They were walking towards her. Six of them. But they didn’t scream and they didn’t run. She was impressed!

A boy stared up at her. Looked her horns, hairy chin and clawed hands up and down. ‘ We’re going trick or treating. Do you want to come with us?’ he said, holding a Tesco carrier bag out for her.

Glenda laughed, ‘Um, really?’ she said in disbelief. ‘ Yeah,’ a girl with a Frankenstein mask on replied,’ we’ll get loads of sweets if you come with us, your outfit is GREAT!’ Glenda raised a furry brow. Mmmmm sweets. Far nicer than rabbit, goat or lamb.

So Glenda, the real-life troll went trick or treating with six children from Yeading Lane and took home two Tesco carrier bags filled with treats.

 It was the best Halloween ever!