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I’m doing that thing where I am looking for a special piece of paper and I’ve not found it. If you saw the amount of ‘special pieces of paper‘ in my flat, you’d probably understand why! But I found this instead. It was a piece I wrote during my Monday session at Let’s Write on 1st August. It’s a poem.
The first I’ve shared on my blog. I’ve just posted it on my friend Rose’s excellent Writer’s Circle group on Facebook but wanted to extend it to you too, the fine readers of my missives : )

I don’t write them v.much anymore but used to be really prolific. There are well over a thousand poems in notebooks here. The theme was Unexpected Acts of Kindness.

We had 10-15mins. It resonated with me strongly today. And so I’ve indulged in a bit of copy-typing before I jump in the bath : ) Haven’t decided on bath flavour yet, but probably will be the time I’ve finished this..

I don’t actually know many people who write or read poems? Is it a dying art? Do you write poems?

I hope you like it. Yasmin x x

The Circle

What goes around comes around
someone once said
From him rubbing your temple
when you’ve banged your head
And holding the door open
to the lady overloaded with bags
And biting your tongue
when you’re desperate to nag

To the man in the street
who’s looking so lost
To the old lady in the store
who can’t read the cost
of the jar on the top shelf
because her glasses are at home

And you’ve slipped on the ice
then hurt your tailbone
and the hand comes from nowhere
to help you back up
And your heart feels so empty
and she makes you a cup
of hot sweet tea
and listens as we
do the age old thing
of needing to sing
of love and loss
in the darkest tones

And we crave the silence
that we only find at home
but this time we’re lonely
and we don’t want to be alone

It’s the little kindness
from the strangers in the street
To the souls we hope to meet
That change a little something
in a fleeting moment
To transform loneliness
To togetherness
To not being alone
And the silence isn’t deafening
And we again feel at home
With the human race

by Yasmin Selena Butt