Hello you ; ) I am so excited. And feel strangely shy about this because it was all about me and I’m really used to and expert in blowing other people’s trumpets.

I would have made a great high school cheerleader if I’d ever been a fan of team sports!

Last night I created this page because I want to start promoting the people who’ve been kind enough to support me as a writer. And one of them is Ronke Adeyemi who is the brains behind www.ondolady.com

When I told her I’d started a blog and needed help getting my voice heard she immediately offered to interview me and feature me on her website in a section called ‘My Space’.

I initially thought of the now sadly schizophrenic site that I’d once passionately adored, but it’s not, it’s section devoted to showing where bloggers write and what their blogs are about.

And I’m this week’s subject! Hurrah!! : )

So have a read, marvel at how messy I am and if you enjoy the piece do leave a comment on Ronke’s website and please do spread the word.

Click here to read: Yasmin Selena on My Space

Have a great Friday and enjoy the sun. Next week I’m going to write my first piece on a writer I love. She writes badass books that make me shiver – in a good way, as long as you’re reading them and not living them!

Yasmin x x

p.s. Thank you so very much for all the support you’ve shown my blog : ) x